Saturday, December 31, 2011


It is hard to believe that another year is over and new beginnings for all of us.  I usually don't make new year's resolutions as I never can keep them, however, this year I am going to make one that could be attainable! Get back into scrap booking and get some of my albums done and insert photos and journaling. WOW that might be tooo much. LOL  Anyway, I wanted to share with all of you some of the things I have been doing the past few months. 

First, these are the 3 money holders I made for my daughters and son-in-law.  I followed Sandi Dailey's tutorial (found here) for making these.  It is very easy to follow and I made these the night before we opened our gifts. Thanks Sandi.

Here are a few photos of our family Christmas,
Kirsten, Michelle, and Jenna
                                         Don't you love Jenna's action photo?
                                           Jenna, Kellie (Mom) and Kirsten

Traditional Christmas cookies made by Jenna & Kirsten.
Next is a picture of each of their favorite gifts....

Kirsten in new coat that looks like a Bombers jacket.

Jenna with her Calico Critters Luxury Townhouse.  Grandma had to help put it together.  While she is away to Alabama for a week (with her dad to visit her other grandparents), I worked on putting all the decals on the tiny weeny objects. LOL

This is the gift that the granddaughters got for their mom.
She was so happy to get some new frying pans
so she can get rid of the scratched up old ones.

Well that is all for now.  The next time I will show you some of the cute cards I got.  Before I leave I wanted to show you a picture of the doll house that I finally completed.  It includes 2 real lights (the 2 rooms on the left) and a fireplace (top floor left) with a red light in it.  Jenna is sooo gonna love this.  I may have to bribe her to leave it here so we can play with it when she comes over. LOL

Wishing all my family and friends a Great New Year
and may God be with you every day.
Love from the Purcell's

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Yep, you heard it hear first!  Some of you already know about this but didn't know when it was going to happen.... Our new 5th wheel was delivered to dealership on Friday and we went over within 1/2 hour to check it out. It has to be cleaned, washed and prepped before we can take possession on Wednesday.  Now wouldn't you know it-Mr Weatherman has predicted 3-4 inches of snow starting Tuesday night!  Those of you who know my husband, Dick, know that once the salt is put on the roads, his truck is parked in the garage until next spring. Keep your fingers crossed that if we get some snow that it is very light and no salt is put down!!!Yeah, I know, I am asking for a miracle.  But I wanted to see it in on our patio so I can go in and start arranging our belongings.  (Not really, I just want to have a RV party and celebrate with a few bubblies....)  Okay, I will shut up and show you some pictures:

This unit is 35 ft long with a total of 3 slides. It is made by Jayco. Now for the inside.

There is a slide on both sides of the dinnin/living room. Huge window in back and where the dinette table is.

See what I mean by the large windows.  That will be so nice when we camp on the lake shore. I love how the curtains are drapped at the top (now boxed in valances!).  The table has a leaf so the table will seat 5 very comfortably.

I took the pictures going from the back then going left around the unit.  This is another cool thing we both will enjoy on those cool mornings/evenings. Electric fireplace with 40" flat screen above the cabinet showing in the photo. (I didn't get a very good shot that included the TV). Inside the cabinet is the DVD-Stero AM/FM radio which is also wired so we can hear it outside thru speakers.

This is my cool pantry (pull out) and the stairs going up to bathroom (on left) and bedroom straight ahead. (Oh, I also have central vacumn cleaner!). On the left is the kitchen counter/sink and then

you can now see the whole kitchen.  I even have a window I can look out while cooking/doing dishes. In the next slide out you will see the stove (with microwave above it).  Next comes something else I really wanted:

My 12 ft. refrigerator/freezer. When you open the 2 doors at bottom the shelves go straight across so I will have lots of room for those big containers of baked beans and potatoe salad. (ooh that sounds so good right now!) In this photo you can see the stove and micro better.

Next to the refrigerator is the cool couch.  As many of you know, I have a problem with snoring so now I will have a nice BIG couch to sleep on. It pulls out to a queen bed and then you have to pump up the mattress (with a switch I believe). 

Now this is the bedroom with a KING bed.  I think now we will all be able to sleep in this bed. Sheena will be able to sleep without crowding us.  I know you are thinking why do we need this if I have to sleep on the couch?  Well I am hoping my breath rights will keep the noise down some. LOL

This is another feature I LOVE.  A walk-in closet.  Those shelves in the back will be great to store all my Stampin Up supplies and more!   We have lots of cupboards for storage in this and hopefully I won't have them all filled up! LOL

Well I am sure you are bored by now but I am so excited and had to share with my family and friends.  This is where Dick & I will be living from May thru Oct every year.  Life is sooo good right now.  Well I had better shut this down and get some shut eye. Geez, it is almost 1:30 already.  Thanks for stopping by and next time I will share some of my cards and stuff I have been making.  KEEP SMILING!!!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Well, it is our last day here for our first 3 wk camping adventure this summer!!  The first two weeks I couldn't get online (the WiFi here SUCKS!) but this past Monday I got on but got so used to not using it I didn't go back on until last night and wouldn't you know it--it was down again.  I tried about an hour ago and the server was busy but I just kept hitting the do over key until I got a connection.  I was ready to update my blog when Dick said let's go for a walk so I left the computer on so I could stay connect and hoped I would still be on when we got back...YIPEE I am still connected.  So I will make this short.
We have been doing a few home improvements this past year.  One was getting central air which was put in last fall when we got a new furnace.  We didn't use the air then but the first time we used it this spring-it wasn't working right.  Someone came out and put in more freon and the Michigan weather changed so we didn't have any more hot weather until May (about the time we were getting ready to come here).  We turned it on again and guess what?  It wasn't working right again (very little cool air was coming out of registers).  So we had to call again and finally got someone to come out and REALLY check it.  We had to come home for the day but it was worth it to get it fixed.  The next time we had to go home was last Monday and we turned on the air and WOW it was wonderful.  Okay that was #1 improvement I wanted and the 2nd was just finished yesterday.  I have some pictures to share for those who know what our yard was like before.  We put in a 6 ft. redwood stockade fence down the side of our property.  It was something we have talked about in the past but it seemed something else always needed to be done first so we just put it on the back burner.  It really makes the back yard look so much bigger now.  (click on the photo to enlargen)

This is the fence we had before.

This is the NEW fence. We gained some property so that was a bonus.

This is the back side that everyone else can see from the road.  We decided this time we wanted the nice side facing the back yard. Now I can hang some planters up and decorate it if I want in the future.  This was put in during a steady rain shower yesterday so I didn't get to go outside and really check it out while standing in the back yard.  I know to some of you this isn't anything to get excited over but after having a wire fence for over 40 years I am so liking this.

Well, I am going to get out of here for now.  Next time I will show you some more items I am making for my craft show (June 25th in the campground).  Until next time, see yah.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I can't believe it.  This is our 3rd day of sunshine and great tempatures.  I have been partying since Thursday and I am sorry to say, but at midnight I turn back into that dull person again. LOL  If I had know it would be this much fun turning 67 I would have done it sooner!  My daughters, granddaughters, Dick's family and his best friend all came over for a cookout and to have fun.  I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day.

My sister, Kathleen, is having computer hiccups so I told her I would post her B.D. card she made me so that my other sister, Sandi, can see it. Whew, that was a mouthful.  So below you will see some of the cards I received (I even got one from SU!).

This is Kathleen's card. It makes you think of sunshine, being at the beach and sipping on a nice cool drink.  Thanks Kathleen for the beautiful card.

This is the inside of her card

The card on the left is from my sister-in-law and her husband.  She is my best customer and I love how she can make a simple card look so great. The one on the right is from Sandi and yes, you have seen this on her blog.  It is so beautiful in real life. The layering and coloring is very professional.  Last photo below is a card I received from my husband and Sheena (our English Springer Spaniel). Yeah, even dogs love me. LOL

Notice the blue ribbon (looks just like our bashful blue) on Dick's card.  I asked him if he got into my stash and he said "what is a stash?"  LOL  I ain't gonna tell....  When you open the doggie one it plays the Happy Birthday song only in doggie language.  It is so cute to watch Sheena lick the card when the song is playing.  Okay, I have to shut down and get to bed. Back to normal tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Good Evening Everyone,
Yes, today is my 67th birthday and I am lovin' it.  I did nothing but pamper myself. LOL Got lots of phone calls and visits.  Tonight Dick took me to Olive Garden for a scrumpsious(sp) dinner.  I could only eat the salad and appitizer with breadstick.  I can't remember the name of the entree, but it is the current special they are running on TV. I think it was 4 cheese ravioli and chicken breast with a spinach and tomatoe sauce on top.  Was going to post this earlier but just too nice out - don't you just love days like today?  Here's hoping Sunday will be nice.  My sister, Sandi (Dailey), sent me the birthday card that I totally loved.  It was on her blog earlier this week.  I will take a picture tomorrow when lighting is better.

So now I will show you some more crafts I am making for my craft show.

These are altered notepads I made.  Don't you just love the colors? I will show you later some that are the next size smaller. These will fit easily into a purse or briefcase.  (or leave in vehicle to jot down information while on the road).

Next are memo holders with pen. I used 4x6 photo holder with stand. My first try at putting paper in a pen and it went smoothly. Guess I will do this again. This will look nice on a desk and because they are on an angle it will be easy to write on.

The last craft I will share today is the lamenated bookmarkers which I saw on another blog. I also tried to make my own version of a post-it holder but wasn't happy with it so found another design on the internet. I will post those next time.
Now I will show you some Easter pictures.

The basket/box on the right and left sides are the ones I made for my granddaughters.  I found the template on the internet and made up the bunny head from other projects I had completed previously.  The one in the middle was done at one of the Rubber Queens weekend retreats.  I let the girls make their own baskets for mom and dad on the same day they came over to color eggs.  On Easter Sunday we had our annual egg hunt in the back yard.  The girls (Kirsten and Jenna) came over for the hunt with their new Easter dresses on.  Don't they look stunning.  Growing so fast.  I keep thinking about Ronda with a son going to the Prom and seeing my girls going to their first prom.  BooHoo. Okay here is the last of my pictures for today.

(click on any of these photos to make larger)
Here the girls are showing off their two baskets they did for mom & dad.  They used the bigshot for the baskets & the birds.  Used the small oval punch for the eggs.  This was the day before Easter.  I did the double sided tape to put boxes together.  They love doing crafty things with Grandma.

KIRSTEN AND JENNA in their Easter finery.
Thanks for stopping by and I will be back soon with more craft show items and maybe some cards.  Most of the cards I have made I can't show because they are for family.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'M BAD......

I know, I have been very sloppy about posting, but hey, I finally decided to bite the bullet and dive back in.  I have been spending a lot of time working on my projects for the craft show this summer.  I also worked on a very special 3D birthday cake for my niece (she turned 50).  And in betwwen have done some cleaning around the house and helping Dick with some of his projects.  I have about one more week and then I have to start getting the 5th wheel ready for camping season.  Things have been getting back to normal since last September.  My daughter, Kellie, has finally gotten her divorce and hopefully she can get on with her life with her daughters.  I know lots of people who have already been through this but it is different when it is your own child.  I have nothing but praise for her in dealing with this and proud of how stronger she is today.

Okay, enough.  I will first show you the Birthday cake I made for my niece.  It was a lot of fun to make and the first time I have attempted something this challenging.  Now remember, cakes can sometimes be a little crooked and lopsided (like this is...LOL). 



 Well, what do you think? My niece loved it and I was hoping she wouldn't so I could get it back (hehe). No I am proud that she likes it and will have be change the number each year....

Now I will show you one of the crafts I have completed for my craft sale.

I had soooo much fun doing these.  I used the containers I already had (they were filled with lots of neat SU candy).  I ordered 2 more pkgs. on my last order just in case they are a hot item at the sale.
If you click on each photo it will be larger and you can see the details better.

Well, I better get this posted and I will return soon with more items for you to see.  Have a super weekend and keep smiling.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Okay, I can't chat tonight if I want to get this posted on TRY STAMPIN ON TUESDAY before it closes.
Here is the layout we had to use:

and here is the card I am submitting for the challenge.  WHO HOO I did it!

Supplies used:
Cardstock: Pear Pizzazz, Poppy Parade, W.White, Black, and In-Colors Design Paper (6x6 pack)
Stamp Set: Create A Cupcake
Ink: Pear Pizzazz, Poppy Parade, Blushing Bride and Chocolate Chip
Accessories: Fancy Scallop Punch, Cupcake Punch, Pretty In Pink ribbon, Weave Embossing Folder, Big Shot, and Dimensionals.

I hope you like it.  I made it in 1 hour, my fastest time ever.  However I sorta knew what I was going to do but it is one thing to think it and another to put in on paper.  Have a good evening.  Off to post this card on Stampin On Tuesday.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Well I tried but I don't think I am going to make the deadline for the challenge Try Stampin on Tuesday.  I know, I still have tomorrow to make my card but we have to get up early (for me anyway!) and go to the lab for some bloodwork.  Then when we get back home I will be helping Dick pull out some evergreen trees (6 more to go) and so far we have only been able to do 3 a day.  I won't go into detail but that job will take about 3-4 hours.  Dick can't work longer than 15 min. at a time before getting tired and has to sit down.  Kellie helped today and I helped him yesterday (I was sooo sore from picking up tree limbs and pine needles).  All I can say is I am so glad I dropped those unwanted pounds so I can do more activities now. 

I have been making a lot of craft items to sell at the campground this summer.  My sister, Sandi, wanted to know why I haven't posted any pictures of the items.  Well, I guess I am just LAZY! Maybe I will remember in the morning to take some pictures, I think.  Well gotta go as CSI Miami is starting.  See you later and thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


WOW,  I am earlier this week with my entry for the Stampin on Tuesday Challenge #5.  I wanted to start using some of the 6x6 In-Color DSP (hostess gift level 1), so today I am using Blushing Bride.  I love the softness of this color.  Here is the layout for this challenge.


and here is my take on it.

I must say I really like how it turned out.  I scored around the edges and placed my 1" squares using the repositional tape to line them up.  After putting the permanent adhessive on I got the new Pretty In Pink Taffeta striped edge ribbon; cut it, and  added double sided sticky tape.  I positioned the ribbon on the inside rows first and then the outside edges.  Next I placed the Basic Pearls at each intersection. I made my butterflies using the embossed butterfly wings embosslit (blushing bride cardstock) but only used the smallest three.  I used the scallop oval punch and the sentiment from So Happy For You.  I am so glad that I am using clear stamps as I can split the words and line them up real easy.  I used Regal Rose ink pad to sponge around the oval and then used the Mat Pack to do the piercing. I hope you like this.  Be sure to check out Stampin On Tuesday and play along with us.

I have been spending the last few days making some craft items to sell this spring at our campground.  I will share with you when I get them done.  I found a couple of websites that are willing to share how to make these items.  I also need to make more cards.  Thanks for looking and see you next time.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Hi everyone,

Well, I finally finished my submission for TRY STAMPIN ON TUESDAY #4.  I knew what I was going to do but didn't get time until earlier this afternoon.  I wanted to incorporate the Ice Parlor Designer Paper and the ribbon & buttons on the card.  I had a hard time trying to figure out my two embellishments so this is what I ended up with.

Cardstock: Pacific Point, W.White (inside) , Very Vanilla for frosting & Ice Cream Parlor DSP.
Ink: Pacific Point, Peach Parfait, & Sarah Sand
Stamps: Create A Cupcake
Accesories: Ribbons & Buttons Pack, linen thread
Tools: Oval Punch, Crimper, Cutter Kit (for distressing both ovals),corner scallop punch (inside) and dimensionals

This is the inside:

Now you can go and check out the other submissions at Try Stampin on Tuesdays and maybe you can try it for yourself.  Praying for LOTS of sunshine this coming week.  By the way if you are viewing this please leave a comment. (even if it's to say "HI") Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, February 28, 2011


Well, I finally decided to get in on a challenge. I have until tonight to get it in so this will be short. I made it this afternoon but waited till now to post it. Here is what I am submitting:

Stamp set - Punch Bunch and So Happy for You (envelope)
Cardstock - Concord Crush, Whisper White, Concord Crush 6x6 DSP
Ink - Concord Crush; Elegant Eggplant and Perfect Plum Markers
Accesories - Beautiful Wings embosslits, Concord Crush stitched ribbon, Basic Pearls and ribbon punch

This is what the inside looks like.

This was a lot of fun so now I will try an participate each week.  If you would like to join in the challenges go to Try Stampin on Tuesday.  Who knows, I might just get my supply of cards made that I need.  See you later.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Hi everyone,
My sister, Sandi, emailed me the other day wanting to know why I haven't been blogging. Well, I figured since my other sister and her are usually the only ones to look at it then it doesn't matter when I do it. Right? Don't get me wrong, I really like their comments but would really like it if more people would leave comments. In fact, all you have to do is just say "hi" in the comments. Then I would feel like someone is really interested in seeing what I do. Oh well, enough of "pity me".  On to the latest creations.

First I ordered the Simply Sent Sweet Hello package (p.183 in big catalog) and really liked the embossed pre-stamped cards. I didn't use the stamp set that was recommended as I tend to need birthday cards more that anything else. I changed the design a little by using the Birthday Wishes stamp from the Bring On the Cake stamp set. (using Baja Breeze ink pad) Also I positioned the flowers differently so it looks like flowers are on a stem. Speaking of the flowers-included in the package are some very tiny sticky tabs to adhere to back of flower. However, I found them to be hard to use so used mini glue dot instead. After putting it on back of flower and then attaching to card, I could scrunch up the flower for more fullness. The set consist of 8 cards with envelopes and the whole package is only $11.95 (comes to $1.50 per card). I have ordered the Simply Sent Medallion Medley from the Occasions Mini to try next (same cost and number of cards/envelopes). Can't wait for that to come this week.

For my next card I used the Ice Cream Parlor DSP and Ribbon & Button Pack. I love these colors, so bright and vibrant. It was very easy to make and great for a make-n-take. Supplies used: Pacific Point &Whisper White cardstock, Punch Bunch stamp set, Pacific Point ink pad, Scallop Trim Border punch and colored embroidery thread to match buttons.

I know Valentine's Day is history, but I wanted to share with you the valentines Dick & I made for our two granddaughters to take to school.  Yes, I said my husband helped and boy am I greatful and thankful.  We made 53 treat packages.  We worked like an assembly line and it only took us about 5 hrs.  I spent the 1st hour getting everything cut/embossed and then Dick asked if I needed HELP.  The reason we had to hurry was because I originally thought the school parties would be on Monday the 14th and I knew the girls were coming over for the day on Saturday and since they love making stuff I would let them help.  Guess what? I found out on Wed. night that the parties were going to be on Friday. YIPES, the pressure was on.  I spend Wed. evening packaging up 53 bags of treats(there is another story here but won't bore you).  Here is the end results. 
and I also decorated bags for them to carry their packages in and to bring home their valentines from the other kids. 

The hearts were left over from making the candy holders.  Kirsten & Jenna called me Friday night and told me how much they liked them and to report that their valentines were the best in the whole class.  They sure know how to make brownie points, don't they?  Well this is all for now and hope to get back here real soon but no promises, SANDI!  Have a good evening from my house to yours.