Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back At Davison-Campground

We came back this past Sunday and was suppose to have left today but yesterday the corporate office called and said there was a cancellation so we could stay for 14 more days. WHOOPIE! Our name will still be on the cancellation list so mayber we can get 3 more days for a total of 3 wks. We drove back to Haslett this morning and did laundry, picked up mail, mowed lawn, and Dick loaded up some wood and my bike (we have sold it to someone here). I went scrapbooking last Monday at the Clubhouse here for 2 1/2 hrs. (it was open for all crafters from 5-10 p.m.) I finished 4 12x12 pages. I am going again this coming Monday and this time I will work on some cards using my Big Shot and maybe a couple of scrapbook pages. I will take some pictures when I get done and post them on here. It sure has been hot and humid for the past few days but at least it isn't raining anymore. We are on the lakeside again and Dick put up our 10x10 canopy which he purchased to use at the cabin last month. We now have a good breeze and can sit outside without the sun beating down on us.

Have a super day and keep cool.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Found this in backyard this morning...

I am so excited that I had to share this with you. Dick woke me up around 7:15 and said we had some visitors in back yard. I knew what he meant as we saw mama and one fawn yesterday but I couldn't get to camera before our dog, Sheena, saw them and chased them. However, this morning Sheena was still sleeping in bed so I grabbed my camera and very quietly opened patio door and screen and got about 7 pictures! My sister has been telling everyone on her blog about the deer in her back yard (which by the way is in the country) and here I have them in my back yard and I live in town. How cool is that? Thanks for stopping by and I will be back later with more pictures from Davison. Have a great day and keep smiling.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


this is what the turkey looks like after cooking for 90 minutes.
Slowly lift the trash can after removing all those hot coals.
This is what is looks like when you add the hot coals.

After you put your rub on (previously we did a turkey with nothing added to it and it was very yummy and golden brown with a little crispness on the skin.) place it over the rod and make sure the legs are in the tin foil pans that are filled with beer.

This is how it looked when Dick prepared the cooking area.
I haven't figured out how to download photos correctly yet so bear with me. I will now do my introduction....
Dick read about making a turkey in a trash can several years ago from a newspaper article. He cut it out and his sister got him a brand new trash can so he could make one. Well a few years went by and last summer he finally did it. Even though it rained most of the time it was cooking, he didn't give up. So this year he was more prepared and once again made a delious turkey.
You start with a 12-13 lb turkey, use 12 lbs of charcoal, 2 tin foil bread pans, 2 cans of beer, and lots of tinfoil. He used the cover of the trash can for starting the coals and used a camping shovel to transfer coals onto the top and around the edge at bottom of the can. It takes 90 minutes and NO PEEKING. We had 8 adults and one child over to share the meal. I will share with you more pictures tomorrow. Thanks for coming and see you later.

Back In Town

Hi Everyone,

We got home on Sunday and today is the first I have been able to get on the computer to do the fun stuff. The last three weeks have been very busy. Kellie and her girls spent 10 days with us at the cabin. My sister Pam also came to the resort for 3 days while Kellie was there. We had a lot of fun and made a lot of new memories.

Our family is known for great cooking so Pam came thru again with her homemade pizza. You say, what so special about that- well she cooked it over a wood fire.