Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I almost forgot something else we got. A MSU Spartan canopy. Earlier this summer at a craft show one of the ladies I know made a green & white beaded hanging twirly thing which you can just about see in the photo. It is in the back right corner of the canopy. Next year I may work on some good MSU chairs to sit around the fire while we watch the games. GO SPARTANS!!!


As most of you know, we got a golf cart last year (red electric one). However we decided we wanted a gas one so went to local dealer and order a custom one (LOL). I got to choose the color of this one so I said "MSU green & white". No problem said the dealer and two weeks later we had it. This past month we made some more inprovements on it. Like new green & white seats made by one of the campers who makes them right here at the resort. I just love it. Next I needed to get me some vinyl decals which took a few weeks to find the right ones and then Dick surprised me with a MSU flag which is not showing on this photo. Now all I need is a copy of the fight song and then try to bribe Jan into playing it on Saturdays when we drive around the park. (she got a radio/CD player for her blue golf cart-U of M). Don't fret as I am sure between Bev & me we can trick her into playing it. Well, it is almost midnight and I have to get up early for Dr. app't tomorrow. Catch you all later. Have a great fall.


The leaves are getting ready to change and all the critters are scurring to gather their food for the winter and THE CHILDREN ARE BACK IN SCHOOL! LOL Boy can you tell the difference in the campground now. Friday late afternoon until the middle of Sunday it gets quite noisy here with the kids but during the week it is sooooo quiet you can actually talk to your neighbor in normal voice. The campgound staff is putting out the Halloween decorations now as we celebrate Halloween on Oct. 10th. There is stuff hanging from trees, on fences, in and on all buildings and even the crafts that are being made are used to decorate the campground. It is a lot of fun for both adults and children. There is usually over 1,000 kids (with parents) that are let into the park that day for 2 hrs. (you don't have to be a member). There is a costume parade thru the park, hayrides, big bonfire, and a lot of activities for all age groups for the 3 day celebration. If I get a chance I will take some pictures to share of some of the site decorations and the children in costumes.