Saturday, January 22, 2011


Hi Everyone,  It has been a busy week.  After today I don't have anything scheduled except doctor's app't's and my eldest granddaughter's birthday (next Sat.).  I spent this past week making 6 calendar/note pad tin holders for our camping friends and my hairdresser.  I used SU's tins (in the Clearance Rack) so the cost for making was minimal.  I ordered my 2011 calendars and notepads from Andrea (from Canada) which came in bundles of 5 each.  You can make your own calendars and note pads, but I didn't have time this year.

I made two of each design.  Oops I forgot to take picture of inside.

Oh well, I will take one later and add it on.  Inside is the calendar for this year (on the top half inside lid) and the bottom half has the lined note pad.  I didn't include the small ink pen this year but if I come across them next time I go to Office Max or Best Buy I will pick up a bunch so I have them on hand.

Not much more going on, it is toooo cold outside to go anywhere so we mostly stay in and watch movies that Dick has taped.  I try to go out to my work area about 3-4 hrs. after lunch but usually end up falling asleep at the computer around 2:30 and then go lay down on bed for a couple of hours.  We are thinking about going to Davison and renting a cabin for a week just to get out.  Also most of our camping friends live in that area so we could visit with them.  Okay it is only 7:20 pm but my eyes are drooping so I better get away from the computer before I doze off!!  Have a great evening and see you back here soon.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Wow, I can't believe I finally did it.  I used MDS to do my top two layers of the page and then printed it out with my printer.  The colors really match good (I have a HP printer) and I like the finished look.  I then took a piece of 8 1/2"x11" Marine Mist cardstock and placed my printout on it.  I then used the corner punch (large corners) to do the Old Olive corners.  I used a piece of pewter hardware with the wide striped Old Olive ribbon at the bottom of page and then decided it needed something more.  Ahha, I got my snowflake stamp and the versamark to fill in around the MDS page.  I hope I explained it correctly.  I originally was going for an 8x8 page but it was too small for me so changed it to the 8 1/2 X 11" page.  I wanted to do some 8x8 pages to put into the new albums that SU is selling. I have 3 now that are all different colors.  So pretty.  Here is a picture of my completed project.(Click on picture to enlargen)

(I haven't put a title on this yet as this will be a 2 page layout)

Next is a picture of the birthday card I made for my sister, Sandi, last July.  I really like this stamp set (hat) and it was my first try at stamping on the envelope and then coloring it.

My brother-in-law's birthday is this Friday and I wanted to make a card using circles and some of the new in-colors.  I also wanted it to be bright as we have had nothing but gloomy gray skies for quite a while.  Now for the DUMB thing I did.  I do this almost every time I make a card.  I got the envelope addressed, put stamp on and then stuffed the card into the envelope and licked it shut.  Are you still following me...Yup, I forgot to take a pictue of the card.  So, I hurried up and opened it back up and took this picture.  So if you ever get a card from me and it looks like someone opened happened again!!!

I also didn't put a dark background underneath the card before taking this picture so it is hard to tell this is a white card. DUH, maybe when I get my memory back I won't make this mistake again,  LOL  If you believe that than you don't know me!!  Have a good day and now I have to get supper on the table.  By the way both of these cards were cased from someone who posted it on SCS and when I printed out a copy, I forgot to write their name down.  Thank you whoever you are.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Well it is halftime for MSU and I am so disappointed in their game play that I even turned over to watch UofM (they managed to score two touchdowns in first half!!)  I decided maybe I need to NOT watch the second half and maybe they can pull it off-did I say that I am a believer in MIRCLES!!!

I thought I would show you some pictures of my granddaughters doing some great crafty stuff.  First I made up some cinnamon/applesauce dough and rolled it out and let them use the cookies cutters and put some gems on each of them for decorations.  When they cut out the dough I had them use a swizzle stick to make hole at top. Since I had to put in oven for 5 hrs. they didn't see the results until the next day.  Only a couple of the decorations set in the dough so I had to use my crystal effects.  I then put a ribbon into each hole and when they came over later that day, I gave all of them except one to put on their tree.  It was a lot of fun and I believe the dough made around 20 ornaments.  Great activity for children of all ages.

Our next activity was our yearly cookie decorating.  Grandpa makes some sugar (from a tube) cookies and then when the little darlings got here, they started in decorating.  It was fun watching how different they worked compared to last year.

Jenna And Kirsten really getting into it.

Jenna doing KP.  She is our little helper, always keeping
the kitchen counter clean.

Now I guess I had better show some of my cards made from swap samples or else my sister won't count this blog for meeting my challenge.  At one of Ronda's Retreats, I won the silent bid for a HUGE box of card swaps.  I then removed the bottom layer and attached what was left to a new cardstock and added  embellishments.  I don't have all the SU stamps so this makes it nice for me to be able to make over cards that someone else has made.  Some of my Xmas cards were my own design but the ones I sent out this year were mostly made overs.  Hope you like.

 This was for my sister, Kathleen
 This is for my sister, Sandi
This is for my sister-in-law, Wilma

Well that is all for now, have just a few more that I will post at a later date.  I am going to try and make some 8x8 album pages for SU's newest albums. Have a good day and keep smiling.