Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Yes, today was the first day of school for my granddaughters, Kirsten & Jenna.  Mommy took some cute pictures that I will share with you.

Jenna & Kirsten on their way to bus stop.

Jenna getting ready to ride the bus for the first time (well she had a practice ride last spring but that isn't the same)  
Kirsten in her cute outfit (love her headband) getting off bus at school.
Gosh, she isn't my little princess anymore.

I love this photo.  Jenna all smiles and big sister watching over her.  Kirsten sure has a serious face!
Jenna in her Kdg. classroom meeting her first friend. I am so proud of them and wish them both lots of happy and good times this school year.

This past Thursday, the girls spent a few days (and nights) with us and on Saturday they begged me to let them make a craft. So I tried to think of something that would take some time and would require minimum work for me. Jeanna has now graduated to the next level in crafting. She chose her own paper, deorations and bling. Here is her first attempt at making something other that pasting cutouts on papers. I did the lacing of the ribbon and gluing the bottom onto the sides. Didn't she do great?

This is Kirsten's box. She needed no help from me other than to show her how to put the paper on. She chose her embellishments and I was truly impressed with her selections and how it came together. I guess she will want to graduate to a higher level now. (like use my Big Shot!)  Don't you love how she did the flowers?

I had a lot of fun doing the project with them and it used up 5 1/2 hrs. of time. (so they wouldn't get bored or watch TV) I think I will have to find a simple Xmas card for them to make the next time and also make a gift for Mommy.

Well that is all for now. I will leave you with two of my favorite photos of the girls that I took after they completed the crafts.  Jenna reminds me so much of my niece when she was this age. Right, Trish?


This is the cutest one of Kirsten that I got. She has the most beautiful brown eyes and so into the latest fashions. We took her and Jenna school shopping and it was such an unbelievable experience.

Have a good evening and keep smiling.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


On August 19th,  my first sewing class for the Scallop Square Rag Purse met at the campground to make their first purse. A few friends (5) wanted to learn how to make this purse so I provided the Big Shot/Big Kick and the square scallop die cut and the instructions along with my assistance. They pre-cut the 5x5 fabric squares and batting before coming to the sewing room.  Each brought their own sewing machine and one of the ladies went back to camper to get iron and ironing board which was a big help.  It was a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed the day.  We may plan something else for next summer.  I also was responsible for two of the ladies going to JoAnn's to buy the Big Kick (which was on sale for only $59.00 that week!). Below are some of the photos I took (and Dick).

Here is Chris showing Alice how to change her design around before she begins to sew the squares together.
(Alice-purple shirt; Linda-orange shirt; Chris-lavendar top; and Jean-print top)

Close-up of Alice's design.

Barb (BFF) and I sewing at our tables.  Barb has this super duper sewing machine that requires only a finger to punch buttons and the machine stitches without her guidance.  LOL (Gottcha BARB!)

Chris & Jean (They have been best friends for as long as I have know them)  Love doing crafty things and then selling them at the camp's craft shows.

I took this from my table as it looked like she had a chin piercing from what I could see at my table. We got a good laugh from it.  She takes her sewing so seriously....LOL

This was the first purse completed. (Jean's)

This beauty was made by Chris.  Don't you love the colors?

This is Barb's creation.  Love the western color scheme.  She was so excited to make this and was responsible for me having this class.  Thanks Barb.

Here is my purse...My daughter works for Coca Cola and I found this material in my stash so decided to surprise her with it.  Of course she loved it and couldn't wait to show everyone at the office. I even found a large red button that matched perfectly.

I almost forgot to include this photo.  Here is my wonderful husband, Richard, modeling one of the completed purses.  I believe it is Jean's but not sure (too long ago for me to remember.).  Isn't he adorable?  He and Ernie (Barb's hubby) delivered a veggie tray and some donut holes for us to snack on since none of us stopped to have a lunch.  Thanks, honey, for thinking about us.

Here we all are with our finished purses.  Well I wasn't completely done.  Had to sew in straps and loop.  Everyone had to take purse home to do the snipping.  Thanks everyone for a fabulous experience.

Well that is all for now.  I will try later tonight to put up some photos of the country western music show that Outdoor Adventures put on for the members 2 weekends ago.