Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Hi Everyone,

Yup, I have been challenged by my sister, Sandi, to post something on my blog at least once a week!  My feeling is that challenges are a lot like New Year's Resolutions-they usually fizzle out. LOL  I need to take some of Ronda's motavational classes....Okay on to my latest creations.

I had all my cards mailed out by the first week in December and gifts all wrapped the following week and I had to make two dishes to pass at the Christmas Eve dinner and had a simple meal on Christmas Day (taco salad and tacos) so you ask what could possible make me rush around on the day before Christmas?  Well, I knew we were giving money to our children and grandchildren but for some reason I thought the elves would make the money card holders.  So around 2pm on Dec 24th I was sitting at my computer looking at different blogs and one of them had a gift card holder and I went into a tizzy!!!  I forgot to make my money holders...So I started and made two before we went to family gathering and after we came home finished the other three.  Here is what I came up with.  (I cut a piece of cardstock 7"x9" and then scored the long side at 2" and 6 1/2".
The first two are for Jenna and Kirsten (granddaughters).  Click on any photo to see in larger view

This is the back of each of their holders.  It was a lot of fun and very easy to make.  Since you only have 1/2" to lap over the closure on the back, I scored at 2" and 6".  That way I could have a better choice for a closure. 

Next is the ones I made for Michelle (daughter) and Jerry.

and last one was made for my daughter, Kellie.  The only thing I would change on this card would be to place the ribbon differently.

Last is a photo of our SMALL Christmas tree with the money holders on it. If you look rel close you can see the cinnamon ornament that the granddaughters made one day at our house. I will show you better pictures of them at a later date.

Alright, Sandi, does this fulfill my first challenge? LOL  Now I am going to play a very CHALLENGING game on my computer. (Solitaire...)