Saturday, June 11, 2011


Well, it is our last day here for our first 3 wk camping adventure this summer!!  The first two weeks I couldn't get online (the WiFi here SUCKS!) but this past Monday I got on but got so used to not using it I didn't go back on until last night and wouldn't you know it--it was down again.  I tried about an hour ago and the server was busy but I just kept hitting the do over key until I got a connection.  I was ready to update my blog when Dick said let's go for a walk so I left the computer on so I could stay connect and hoped I would still be on when we got back...YIPEE I am still connected.  So I will make this short.
We have been doing a few home improvements this past year.  One was getting central air which was put in last fall when we got a new furnace.  We didn't use the air then but the first time we used it this spring-it wasn't working right.  Someone came out and put in more freon and the Michigan weather changed so we didn't have any more hot weather until May (about the time we were getting ready to come here).  We turned it on again and guess what?  It wasn't working right again (very little cool air was coming out of registers).  So we had to call again and finally got someone to come out and REALLY check it.  We had to come home for the day but it was worth it to get it fixed.  The next time we had to go home was last Monday and we turned on the air and WOW it was wonderful.  Okay that was #1 improvement I wanted and the 2nd was just finished yesterday.  I have some pictures to share for those who know what our yard was like before.  We put in a 6 ft. redwood stockade fence down the side of our property.  It was something we have talked about in the past but it seemed something else always needed to be done first so we just put it on the back burner.  It really makes the back yard look so much bigger now.  (click on the photo to enlargen)

This is the fence we had before.

This is the NEW fence. We gained some property so that was a bonus.

This is the back side that everyone else can see from the road.  We decided this time we wanted the nice side facing the back yard. Now I can hang some planters up and decorate it if I want in the future.  This was put in during a steady rain shower yesterday so I didn't get to go outside and really check it out while standing in the back yard.  I know to some of you this isn't anything to get excited over but after having a wire fence for over 40 years I am so liking this.

Well, I am going to get out of here for now.  Next time I will show you some more items I am making for my craft show (June 25th in the campground).  Until next time, see yah.