Sunday, December 13, 2009

More Christmas Projects Completed

Yesterday I completed two Christmas projects and my husband's birthday card.  I haven't done this much in quite a while.  It feels good to be productive once again.  I have therapy M-W-F this week and the next two weeks Tu-W-Th. Then I go back to M-W-F until Jan. 16th.  I am making progress but also getting tired of going.  I do about 50 solid minutes of exercies including riding stationary bike.  Dick will be going on the 21st for eye surgery so got a lot to do before then as he will be restricted from doing anything like bending or picking!

Enough of that, lets talk crafts...

I love using the Big Shot die cuts.  Here I used the small bear and used watercolor crayons. I used the stamp found in the section of stamps $10 and under; green corduary brads, green striped wide ribbon and the scallop punch that looks lacy. The base of the card is Very Vanilla.  This one is original for a change!

Now my wall hangings:

I didn't have any place to put this last night so I put it on the tree that Dick had just brought up from the basement.  This morning I finally decided to hang it on the wall in the dining room next to closet.  It is very tall as you can see. (our tree in 6.5 ft).  The one thing I don't like about this chipboard is that the glitter gets all over.  I tried to spray some stuff on it...I wonder if I should use hair spray?  Not sure if  I have any.
Here it is hanging on wall:

Here are pictures of two letters up close.  I used felt snowflakes and clear gems, burgandy ribbon and silver grommets.

I also put a bow at the bottom of last letter.

Now the next project-----

I cased part of this (scalloped squares with glittered letters) but I added the double bow at the top and the silver decorative brads.  This was a lot of fun to make and I will make more with other letters.  Below is a close up of the bow.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my newest creations. 

Today was a lot warmer than yesterday and Friday so looking forward to tomorrow to see what is in store for me.  The laundry is done including the folding and the floors are swept. I think I will wrap our granddaughters gifts so that will not be looming over my head.  I will also attempt to decorate the tree and put up other decorations around the house.  This Christmas we will have all the kids and grandkids so it will be nice.  I am not going to spend a lot of time cooking so I can spend more time with them.  Right now I am planning on ham for dinner with the trimmings.  Well, have a good evening and keep smiling. Tomorrow will bring us lots of good things and maybe even some surprises.  Catch you later.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Hi everybody,

Well, here it is almost midnight and I should be in bed but I just had to share with you what I did today!

I had to babysit my 4 yr. old granddaughter, Jenna, today while Grandpa and her Mom went Xmas shopping. Of course that means I missed out on shopping this year BooHoo!  So now I can say that I am all ready for the holidays.  Got shopping done, cards made and ready to take to mailbox tomorrow, and today Jenna & I made cookies.  Now you have to understand that in my family everyone loves COOKIES especially homemade decorated ones.  We made 2 dozens but that won't last until this weekend so I will be doing a lot more.  I also wanted to make some holiday bread and freeze it for when I need something to serve at the last moment.  Dick and I still have one big project left and I hope to have that  done by the weekend and that is wrapping the gifts.

Okay that is enough chitter chatter, now for my photos.

I forgot to take pictures while she was all covered with flour, frosting, and sprinkles.  Jenna helped me roll out the dough, pushed down on the cookie cutters, frosted about 10 cookies,(I did the rest) and put the decorations on all of them except for the 4 you see in the picture that have cinnamon dots on them.  Now you know why it took 3 hours!!!

here is a close up of about half of them

isn't she a cutie?  When we got everything cleaned up we pulled out her homework project-(making a wreath) for show & tell and also to be hung in the hallway at school.  We didn't have enough time to finish it and I forgot to take picture of what we had done.  She had a styrofoam plate with the middle cut out from her teacher with instructions to do whatever she wanted.  So we dug into my supplies and came up with some real wide lace with ruffles and I stapled that around the outside edge (before that I ran some narrow green ribbon and rose ribbon through the eyelets) and then tied a big bow for the bottom.  We punched out some paper ornaments with my punch and put hole in top of ornament. Then I cut some elastic ribbon so mommy could help her put them on the ornaments and hang onto the lace wreath. Darn, I wish we would have had more time to finish so I could have gotten a picture.  I will have to ask her mom to do it and send it to me.

I think I have taken enough of your time so will call it a day and see you soon.  Thanks for looking.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Sorry, I have been missing for awile...  I have been working on some special Xmas cards (which I won't be able to share with you until after the 25th) and a few other things that I will share with you today.

This is the Thanksgiving card I made for Dick.  I cased it from someone while I was visiting their blog and forgot to write down the name.  If I come across it I will give her credit.

These two pictures give a side/back view and the other side/front view.  It is a mini file folder that can be used for 3x3 cards or in my case, used for a memo pad holder next to my computer.  These are a lot of fun to make and I will make more with card/envelope to sell next summer at the campground.  There is a craft show once a month with usually 20-30 tables set up.

Isn't this cute?  I found the video on UTUBE (I think!) to make just the plain basket.  Then I made my own embellishment on side and used ribbon with DP for the handle. The pillow box die is used to make the sides of basket (3) and then added strips to bottom.  Then you add 2 circles (Using the glass cutter); one on bottom and one on the inside.  You can make this for any season/holiday.  There is a lot of room inside to put some goodies.

Well, I guess that is all for now.  I will be putting addresses on envelopes tomorrow so I can mail my Christmas cards on Monday or Tuesday.

Dick will find out on Wednesday when his eye surgery will be.  His right eye has cateract and some membrane on the back of eye and he will have in implant done.  I tell you it seems like we can't have one year go by without something happening.  I am scheduled for more physical therapy (this is for my back) so it looks like I will be doing it until Jan 16th.  That will be a total of 24 visits just for my back. My goal is to be able to take long walks like I used to.  I can see a difference with 3 wks of therapy but still have a long ways to go.

I am glad my sister is home now (she was in hospital for over a week) and look forward to seeing her accomplishments on her blog.  My other sister also has a blog and needless to say her work is also one of a kind.  I am so lucky to have two sisters so talented with paper crafts and the youngest sister is known for her cooking and quilting/sewing.

Hope you have a great day.  Here in Michigan we are enjoying our first dusting of snow.  I think my one sister had a lot of snow these past few days.  I will have to call her and find out.  I hope everyone survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday!   Catch you later....