Sunday, August 8, 2010


Hi Everyone,

Didn't get chance to post last night and today we went to Davison and found a site to park the 5th on and are now home to get the golf cart and head back.  I don't have any cards done that I can show you and can't send more photos as I left everything in camper.  So I will try tonight again.  I am soooo happy as I got a small portable (weighs only 3 lbs.!) HP printer so I can take it with me and use with my laptop.  Can you believe it was Dick who pushed it.  That way if he want me to look something up on internet and make a copy I don't have to wait until we get home-good thing as we both usually forget what it was. LOL

Okay will catch you later.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Today was a lot better weather wise in Mid Michigan.  I am going to sleep in the house tonight (instead of 5th wheel which has AC) and I get to dream about the new central air and furnace that we are getting in two weeks. WAHOO!  Don't laugh, I have been trying real hard to get it and it was only because the doctor told me 3 wks ago that I needed to be in air conditioning or I could end up with a heat stroke (having heat exhaustion was enough for me!).  Well enough about that.  Let me show you some things I did so far this summer.

I got this idea from a similar project done by someone else.  I used the Daisies die cut and craft foam. However the foam had an adhesive backing and it was terrible to peel it off after going through the Big Shot.  I glued the 3 daisies together and then put sets back to back with the bamboo stick between each set.  I used a jar I had been saving and decorated it with some designer paper and added some flowers (dyed to match the color choice) and some punched flowers. Added some brads for the flower centers.  Ribbon wrapped around the top and another contrasting narrow ribbon tied in knot for the front.  Inside I filled it with some fiber fill, colored glass rocks, and some poporrui (sp?).  I painted the bamboo sticks with some acrylic paint.  I love how it turned out and it looks so pretty in my craft area. I originally made it for someone but changed my mind as it makes me smile whenever I see it. Now onto my next project that I want to share.

I know, everyone has made one of these by now but I had to show the ones I made for my two daughters.
The picture below shows what I put into each bag. Kellie's favorite color is yellow and Michelle's is blue.  I handmade 2 dish cloths and 2 kitchen hand towels to hang.  Bought some matching pot holders.  We celebrated their birthday's together this year. Took them and granddaughters out to lunch at their favorite chinese buffet in Flint.(Kellie's BD was May 30 and Michelle's was June 4th).  We had a great time and took a few photos for the scrapbook.
Well that is enough for tonight.  I will leave you with a couple of pictues that have special meaning to me.

Jenna after her dance recital in May. She did a super job and wasn't as shy as Kirsten was at her first recital a few years ago.  The girls all put on a great show of tap dancing and ballet.

This is Jenna on Graduation Day. She graduated from preschool to Kindergarten and the teachers had them put on a cute show for the families.  Afterward we went to the school cafeteria for cake and punch.  Doesn't she look so Hollywood???

Okay I have to close for now in order to beat my Midnight deadline.  Catch you tomorrow with more fun things.  Keep smiling.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


It doesn't seem like it has been 3 months since I last posted! Well, I have been procrastinating long enough. I am going to break down and share a few things I have made since last May....

This is the card I made for my sister, Pam.  I combined ideas from other cards seen on the SCS and SU websites.  I loved the idea of pinwheel flowers and used ribbon for the stems and buttons for centers.  Trying to use up some of my supplies.  I wanted to make a card using orange as that is her favorite color but will have to try for that next year. (maybe I will make her card this winter when I have more time)

This card was for my other sister, Sandi.  I copied this from a swap card and knew Sandi would love it. I added the hat to my envelope (which I don't usually take the time to do!) and used the markers to paint the stamp for the stems, buds, and ribbon. I love how it turned out. Sandi loves victorian and flowers so I tried to work it into my design.

Next I have to share with you two pictures of my daughter and our granddaughters. They were at the campground with us for 5 days (we rented a cottage on the lakeside) and on this day we were just hanging out.

Kirsten (8 yrs) and Momma Kellie
We hadn't realized that they both had the same colors on for the day until I previewed the photo. Kirsten is growing so fast.  We took up our hammock cause the kids love to lay in it and swing.  Of course mom liked it also.  Because the cafe was 2 cabins down from ours, we patronized it frequently (you know how us Jones girls love our ICE CREAM!!)

This picture was taken when Jenna got into one of her laughing streaks.  She laughed so hard that she slid right off the lounger.  She turned 5 at the end of June. You can just see Sheena under the other chair. The girls has a great time again this year. I will share more photos on future postings.

Okay, I have now officially started posting so I will try harder to update better than I have in the past.  I not saying everyday but will set that as my goal.  By the way Sandi, I told you I would post something today and since it is only 11:35, I met my promise.  See you all later and am glad you stopped by.