Sunday, May 8, 2011


I can't believe it.  This is our 3rd day of sunshine and great tempatures.  I have been partying since Thursday and I am sorry to say, but at midnight I turn back into that dull person again. LOL  If I had know it would be this much fun turning 67 I would have done it sooner!  My daughters, granddaughters, Dick's family and his best friend all came over for a cookout and to have fun.  I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day.

My sister, Kathleen, is having computer hiccups so I told her I would post her B.D. card she made me so that my other sister, Sandi, can see it. Whew, that was a mouthful.  So below you will see some of the cards I received (I even got one from SU!).

This is Kathleen's card. It makes you think of sunshine, being at the beach and sipping on a nice cool drink.  Thanks Kathleen for the beautiful card.

This is the inside of her card

The card on the left is from my sister-in-law and her husband.  She is my best customer and I love how she can make a simple card look so great. The one on the right is from Sandi and yes, you have seen this on her blog.  It is so beautiful in real life. The layering and coloring is very professional.  Last photo below is a card I received from my husband and Sheena (our English Springer Spaniel). Yeah, even dogs love me. LOL

Notice the blue ribbon (looks just like our bashful blue) on Dick's card.  I asked him if he got into my stash and he said "what is a stash?"  LOL  I ain't gonna tell....  When you open the doggie one it plays the Happy Birthday song only in doggie language.  It is so cute to watch Sheena lick the card when the song is playing.  Okay, I have to shut down and get to bed. Back to normal tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Good Evening Everyone,
Yes, today is my 67th birthday and I am lovin' it.  I did nothing but pamper myself. LOL Got lots of phone calls and visits.  Tonight Dick took me to Olive Garden for a scrumpsious(sp) dinner.  I could only eat the salad and appitizer with breadstick.  I can't remember the name of the entree, but it is the current special they are running on TV. I think it was 4 cheese ravioli and chicken breast with a spinach and tomatoe sauce on top.  Was going to post this earlier but just too nice out - don't you just love days like today?  Here's hoping Sunday will be nice.  My sister, Sandi (Dailey), sent me the birthday card that I totally loved.  It was on her blog earlier this week.  I will take a picture tomorrow when lighting is better.

So now I will show you some more crafts I am making for my craft show.

These are altered notepads I made.  Don't you just love the colors? I will show you later some that are the next size smaller. These will fit easily into a purse or briefcase.  (or leave in vehicle to jot down information while on the road).

Next are memo holders with pen. I used 4x6 photo holder with stand. My first try at putting paper in a pen and it went smoothly. Guess I will do this again. This will look nice on a desk and because they are on an angle it will be easy to write on.

The last craft I will share today is the lamenated bookmarkers which I saw on another blog. I also tried to make my own version of a post-it holder but wasn't happy with it so found another design on the internet. I will post those next time.
Now I will show you some Easter pictures.

The basket/box on the right and left sides are the ones I made for my granddaughters.  I found the template on the internet and made up the bunny head from other projects I had completed previously.  The one in the middle was done at one of the Rubber Queens weekend retreats.  I let the girls make their own baskets for mom and dad on the same day they came over to color eggs.  On Easter Sunday we had our annual egg hunt in the back yard.  The girls (Kirsten and Jenna) came over for the hunt with their new Easter dresses on.  Don't they look stunning.  Growing so fast.  I keep thinking about Ronda with a son going to the Prom and seeing my girls going to their first prom.  BooHoo. Okay here is the last of my pictures for today.

(click on any of these photos to make larger)
Here the girls are showing off their two baskets they did for mom & dad.  They used the bigshot for the baskets & the birds.  Used the small oval punch for the eggs.  This was the day before Easter.  I did the double sided tape to put boxes together.  They love doing crafty things with Grandma.

KIRSTEN AND JENNA in their Easter finery.
Thanks for stopping by and I will be back soon with more craft show items and maybe some cards.  Most of the cards I have made I can't show because they are for family.