Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Semi-Annual Creative Retreat

As most of you know by now, I went to Ronda Wade's Creative Weekend and had a blast.  Wanda & Tamie pampered all 62 of us for the long weekend. I wish I could come up with at least half of the creative projects they make for us. There was a huge banner in the lobby of the hotel welcoming all of us. The food was catered and very good. We had a special dessert Saturday night-waffle bowl filled with ice cream and cool toppings to choose. On Friday night we had these super delicious triangle creme filled doughnuts with Carmel on top. Glad I had my elastic jeans on. LOL. Ronda also sets up a table with candy and snacks and all the coffee or tea we want.

This is Tamie in her cool Coke Cola P.J.'s

I didn't get a picture of Ronda this time!  I can't believe that, sorry Ronda. I will now share with you some of the gifts we received from both of them.

Tag made for our Creative Retreat Bag. So Beautiful.

This flower, Tamie made, was in a small glass flower pot  filled with green M&M's.  Yummy.  Tamie also made really cool flowers to fill several vases around the room.  Wish I would have taken a picture of one of them. (Hint Tamie: can you send me one?)

SU has a new die for this tiny purse. Isn't it adorable? Inside was two samples spools of seam binding ribbons.

This matchbox (another die cut) had assorted buttons in it. Both this and the purse above were gifts we had on our chair each morning. Tamie and Ronda did a spectacular job making all these beautiful gifts for all 62 of us attending.

Tomorrow I will try (?) and show you the classes that were offered to us. I ended up going to all of them.  We have to prepay for these classes so Ronda & Tamie can get paper cut, ribbon, and embellishments. Everything is then individually packaged for each girl attending a particular class.

  Thanks for stopping by and see you tomorrow. Good night, Tamie

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